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Why We’re The Number One Business Plan Writers?

MyBizPlan solutions are synonymous with value, we purposely designed it that way. We offer the lowest cost, highest quality and quickest turnaround business plan combination on the market – A bold statement, that we proudly Guarantee.

MyBizPlan solutions are perfect business plans for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs, our range of three plans fit any budget with the added bonus of no upfront payment to place an order! Risk-free solutions with No Obligation to Purchase.


There really is no reason not to get started on your big venture right here, right now.

The MyBizPlan team are the architects behind hundreds of business plans. When you’re seeking to start your own business, there is no better business plan solution. We’re really proud to declare that the MyBizPlan solutions are the most attractive, highest quality, best value plans on the market.

Our Business Plans and How They Compare?

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You can save a vast sum of between £800 and £1,650 by choosing any one of the MyBizPlan solutions over our competitors while receiving more for your money and in a quicker timescale. A no brainer!

Don’t just take our word for it though, download an example and take a look at one of our plans, which will give you an indication of this super high-quality document. You’ll then be able to see for yourself what we mean, when we say this is the UK’s Number One business plans… Did we mention our Guarantee?

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Top Plan

“So impressive. Can’t believe I actually got started on my business plan without having to pay anything upfront! Quality of the plan is amazing!”

– Carlos [eCommerce Business Plan]

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“These guys were already best value I could find, plus the ability to spend no money upfront made choosing MyBizPlan a no brainer”

– Maralyn [Beauty Salon Business Plan]

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Great Value

“After I was let down by another company MyBizPlan came to the rescue. They delivered an amazing, beautiful plan within a week and I was still able to get my Start Up Loan”

– Alex [Coffee Shop Business Plan]

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Amazing Service

“I was directed to MyBizPlan from a friend who previously used them for a great business plan. My own plan was delivered to me within a week! You won’t find anything else delivered so fast with such quality”

– Natasha [Personal Training Business Plan]

See the Quality!

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People Who Say It’s Too Good To Be True

But do I need a business plan?

The short answer is yes you do. A business plan is a vital part of securing funding and it is equally important in mapping out a solid, viable business strategy. It helps with decision making and budgeting which will ultimately help save money and earn more.

But I'm not ready & don't have a budget!

The beautiful thing is you don’t need to be ready or have a budget yet. We don’t ask for any money upfront with payment only due once the plan is complete and shown to you in full. You can take as long as you like to fill out the required information just don’t let yourself miss out on this offer and end up having to pay more at a later date.

But I want to write it myself!

It is admirable to try and write your own plan but this takes time and energy to perfect. Why cause yourself the stress and trouble of writing your own plan when you can have someone else write it for you, FREE of charge?

Who are MyBizPlan I've never heard of you!

MyBizPlan was created to provide the market with the slickest, highest quality, most time-efficient and best value offer. It is the culmination of many years of experience working as business plan writers and small business advisors. We appreciate you may not have heard of us or had the chance to meet. This is why we don’t charge you anything until your plan is finished and you have seen the full completed version. We want to earn your trust and deliver the best plan possible for your new business.

But I don't want to risk not getting a great plan!

We are super confident that the plans we create are the best the market has to offer. We use a series of smart questionnaires to gather as much information from you as possible. This information is then sense checked, refined and improved where we see necessary. This culminates in a plan you will be extremely proud to call your own. In fact, we are so confident you will love your plan as much as we do we won’t ask for a penny until you have seen a full, finished copy.

I don't want to get ripped off!

We don’t ask for any money upfront and payment is only due once you have seen a full, completed version of your plan. Our solution is the only risk-free way to get a business plan and start preparing for your venture.

I need to do more research

We go at the pace you set. We won’t ask for any payment until your plan is complete and you have seen it. So why not secure your plan at this fantastic price, see what information we need from you and find those answers at a pace that suits you.

When do I pay?

We don’t ask for any money upfront and payment is only due once you have seen a full, completed version of your plan. Our solution is the only risk-free way to get a business plan and start preparing for your venture.

What plans can you write?

We are experienced in writing a wide range of business plans across a variety of sectors. Have a look at our sector page to get inspired for your new venture. 

What’s In Our Business Plan?

Each of our business plans is bespoke, full of detail, includes professional financials and comes wrapped in a highly attractive package. You will get a visually stunning document, that is easy to digest, professional yet uncomplicated. Where necessary (and if you approve) we can also proactively bolster your proposals, using our professional judgement where appropriate to make subtle adjustments to your proposals so that they are ProfitableRealistic.

We use our experience, knowledge and the tools we have access to; including financial models, data and research, so that you can be confident that your business plan will be both robust and well presented. Our process is totally unique to MyBizPlan, allowing us to combine your great idea with our expertise, turning your business dream into a viable reality. For a minimal investment, you’re giving your business it’s best chance of success.

What Our Plans Are Used For

Our plans are the perfect tool for new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the key reasons for investing in a quality business plan is to secure funding. Our plans have a fantastic record in helping new business owners gain the finance necessary to start their ventures.

We are confident that using our plans will give you the very best chance to obtain the money you need to get your business up and running, The graphics below show just how successful our plans are with Start Up Loans, Prince’s Trust and Small Business Bank Loans.

Start Up Loans

Prince’s Trust

Bank Loans

How Do We Create The Business Plan?

We use a slick and efficient process, which enables us to go from start to finish in only 7 days. Our unique business plan solution uses a sophisticated process to capture your aspirations via easy to complete, smart questionnaires. Then some magic happens. Our professional and talented team use their expertise to craft your MyBizPlanThe questionnaires are broken down into stages for your ease and take approximately 45 minutes in total to complete for our MyBizPlan and only 20 minutes for the MyExecPlan and MyLeanPlan solutions. After which you can sit back and relax whilst we do the rest.


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business plan help

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