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• How much will a business plan from MyBizPlan cost?

A business plan from MyBizPlan costs £499. We believe this to be the best value business plan available in the UK

• How long will it take to get my business plan?

We guarantee delivery of your completed business plan within 5 working days. This timeline is dependent on correct and viable information being provided during the questionnaire phase. Timelines will be extended if follow up questions and any further clarification on information is required.

• What do I do if I need my business plan quicker than 5 days?

MBP does offer an expedited service for those customers who need their business plan in a quicker than advertised timescale. There is a premium on this service, the price of which is dependant on each circumstance. Contact if you are in need of these services prior to purchase.

• What if I don’t understand or can’t answer any of the questions on the business plan questionnaire?

We have designed the business plan questionnaires to be as easy to use as possible and have created a step-by-step video guide to help (insert link). If any questions are left blank or answered inadequately, we will use a combination of industry benchmarks and our own experience and knowledge to make best judgement and fill any gaps. The purchase and accompanying terms of sale assume an agreement to that effect.

• What is the MyBizPlan 100% Guarantee?

Your plan will be delivered within 5 working days (+/- 48 hours) from the time all completed questionnaires are returned to us. 

The business plan will outline a fully viable business model but this does not constitute any guarantee of on-going business success or guaranteed funding.

See our Terms and Conditions for further details.

• How long is the business plan?

You will receive a quality business plan, 30 pages in length exclusive of covering page, contents and appendices.

• How will I receive my plan?

You will receive your plan in PDF format which displays well across all electronic devices and also prints easily. A separate Word document is also made available should you want to change any wording, for example, to change the name of a product or service offered.

• How do I pay for my plan?

All plans are paid for up front and in full via a secure payment solution (Stripe) directly on our website. No payment details are stored or shared with any third parties.

• What happens if I want to make any changes to my plan?

For any complex changes that can’t be made directly on the Word document provided, for example, a change in any financial information, a one-off fee of £100 is applicable.

• How do I contact MyBizPlan?

We have a LiveChat function on our website and can also be reached on email at

• My business is currently trading, is this the right plan for me?

MyBizPlan business plans are best suited to start up ventures and business trading under 12 months

• I am in need of other professional services such as funding assistance, website development, accountancy and so on. Can MyBizPlan help me with any of those types of things?

We do not offer any of these services ourselves but do partner with a variety of excellent third-party operators for a wide range of other business services. Contact further details.

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