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•What is the MyBizPlan Guarantee?

We’re so proud of our MyBizPlan, business plan solution, and we’re confident that it is the best value solution on the market. We want you to also feel that confidence when purchasing your MyBizPlan solution. No other start-up business plan compares.

We offer the lowest cost, highest quality and quickest turnaround business plan combination on the market. This combination consists of a highly attractive, professional business plan that include 30+ pages of content, a delivery timescale of 7 days (+/- 48 hours).

If after you have received your business plan, you decide to get a second business plan from another UK based, business plan company and they can supersede our business plan quality per the below criteria, then we’ll give you, your money back.

We’re guaranteeing that this is the best value plan you can feasibly obtain and if that’s not the case we will refund you in full – nobody else offers that sort of reassurance, we at MyBizPlan can, because we know we offer the very best!

The criteria (all must be met):

  1. Business plan must be from a registered, UK based limited company.
  2. Zero content copied.
  3. Contain the same or more pages.
  4. At least 10% greater word count.
  5. An enhanced presentation/attractiveness, to avoid subjectivity, where it’s not obvious we’ll use an independent assessment. The combination of our design elements, bespoke graphs, tables and premium images gives a distinct advantage – most 3rd party plans we see are far from this standard, but we’re big fans of incremental and continuous improvement and so welcome feedback.
  6. A less than 7 days turnaround from payment to email receipt.
  7. All of the above, plus a lower price.

We’re also take into account the information provided in the questionnaire, for example if your plan is different due to providing improved or alternative information, we can’t be held accountable in those circumstances.

•Making Changes To Your MyBizPlan

We rely on the information you provide in the pre-business plan questionnaires and so please be prepared to complete these to your best ability before engaging. It is fine to study these questionnaires and defer if you’re unsure. Alternatively, where you’re not 100% sure we can use our professional judgement (at your approval) to enhance or tweak certain elements to ensure viability and realism. We’re very experienced at doing this and have unique resources at our disposal to enable this expertise.

Your output will be robust and ready to go. If we have any issues that go beyond proactively using our judgement, we’ll email you with our follow-up questions. If we can’t make the plan viable or realistic after this, we’re make you aware.

In terms of post completion changes, once you receive your output, if you require any complex changes that can’t be made directly by yourself on the Word document provided, for example, a change in any financial information. A one-off fee of £100 is applicable. If the scope is more significant, we’ll advise accordingly.

•Owning Your Plan

We try our very best to make our plans understandable and relevant. With that said we appreciate that not everyone’s knowledge is on the same level. Where possible we explain elements within the business plan in a manner that retains the readability of the business plan from a 3rd party perspective but also provides clarity.

But that’s not all, we go even further, providing customers with additional value.

When we send you, your MyBizPlan, we’re also send you a link to a “knowledge base” that will further explain elements within the business plan. Including but not limited to:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Profitability
  4. Cashflow
  5. Breakeven

We want you to have the best chance possible to be successful, with that said it’s imperative that you take ownership of your MyBizPlan document. If you rely solely on the document and don’t back this up under potential questioning, the integrity of the proposals might be in jeopardy.


•Repeat Customer Discount

We understand that plans don’t always come to fruition, the reality of business is often harsher than the on-paper performance predictions. If your plans unfolded exactly as laid our in your business plan, you would in fact not have a business plan at all, but rather a crystal ball… wouldn’t that be nice 😊.

With that said, as your entrepreneurial journey matures, you may find yourself with another (improved) idea in the future, which you might require a new business plan for.

If you’re a returning customer, we will reward you, as a thank you, we’ll give you an instant £100 off the price of any subsequent MyBizPlan business plans that your purchase, you’re welcome. 😊.

•Customer Referral Scheme

We hope that you’re so happy with your business plan, that you will proudly share it with your friends, family and peers.

It’s becoming increasing compulsory to have a business plan if you wish to venture into business as an entrepreneur. We’re hoping your business plan leads to realising your dreams. As that happens others around you may also seek to experience entrepreneurship for themselves.

If they do, and they need a business plan. They’ll likely want the best value solution available on the market, similar to you.

If you refer a new customer to us, we will reward you both.

They will get an instant £50 off their business plan and we will give you a £50 kickback reward. This is unlimited and so if you were to refer 10 individuals to MyBizPlan over a course of a year. You will have been rewarded with £500… that’s more than you would have paid for your own business plan. This is unlimited and so if you’re part of a business group or have a lot of entrepreneur minded associates, this reward can really build.

Show them your plan, we’re sure they’ll be sold.

•How much will a business plan from MyBizPlan cost?

A business plan from MyBizPlan costs £499. The best value business plan in the UK at anywhere near this price point.

•How long is the business plan?

You will receive a high quality business plan, approximately 30 pages in length exclusive of covering page, contents and appendices.

•What is the typical contents with a MyBizPlan?

If applicabale your business plan will include the following, non-exhaustive list of content:

  • Executive Summary
    • Business Overview
    • Business Highlights
    • Opportunity
    • Solution
    • Mission
  • Business Overview
    • Business Details
    • Entrepreneur Summary
    • Personnel Plan
    • Offer Summary
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Sales Forecast
    • Marketing Goals Summary
    • Sales & Marketing Channels
    • Marketing Budget
    • Competitive Positioning
  • Industry Commentary
    • Demand & Growth
    • Challenges & Trends
    • SWOT
  • Financial Plan
    • Start-up Expenditure
    • Funding Needs
    • Income & Profit
    • Cost of Sales
    • Expenses (Overheads)
    • Fixed Assets
    • Breakeven
    • Cash Flow
    • Financial Statement Projections
      • Profit & Loss Forecast
      • Cash Flow Forecast

As you can see, MyBizPlan contains significant, relevant detail for your start-up business.

•How long will it take to get my business plan?

We guarantee delivery of your completed business plan within 7 days (+/- 48 hours). This timeline is dependent on correct and viable information being provided during the questionnaire phase. Timelines will be extended if follow up questions and any further clarification on information is required.

•What if I need my business plan quicker than 7 days?

MyBizPlan does offer an expedited service for those customers who need their business plan in a quicker than advertised timescale. There is a premium on this service, the price of which is dependant on each circumstance. Contact ask@mybizplan.co.uk if you are in need of these services prior to purchase.

•What if I don’t understand or can’t answer any of the questions on the business plan questionnaire?

We have designed the business plan questionnaires to be as easy to use as possible and have created a step-by-step video guide to help (insert link). If any questions are left blank or answered inadequately, we will use a combination of industry benchmarks and our own experience and knowledge to make best judgement and fill any gaps. The purchase and accompanying terms of sale assume an agreement to that effect.

•How will I receive my plan?

You will receive your plan in PDF format which displays well across all electronic devices and also prints easily. A separate Word document is also made available should you want to change any wording, for example, to change the name of a product or service offered.

•How do I pay for my plan?

All plans are paid for up front and in full via a secure payment solution (Stripe) directly on our website. No payment details are stored or shared with any third parties.

•What happens if I want to make any changes to my plan?

For any complex changes that can’t be made directly on the Word document provided, for example, a change in any financial information, a one-off fee of £100 is applicable.

•How do I contact MyBizPlan?

We have a LiveChat function on our website and can also be reached on email at ask@mybizplan.co.uk.

•My business is currently trading, is this the right plan for me?

MyBizPlan business plans are best suited to start up ventures and business trading under 12 months.

•I am in need of other professional services such as funding assistance, website development, accountancy and so on. Can MyBizPlan help me with any of those types of things?

We do not offer any of these services ourselves but do partner with a variety of excellent third-party operators for a wide range of other business services. Contact ask@mybizplan.co.uk for further details.



We love to hear from budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you have any questions about the MyBizPlan process please get in touch.

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