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This incredible offer is only available to you for the next four hours so don’t miss out. The best part is you don’t even have to pay today. Once your order is placed we will take you through our super slick and easy questionnaire process and have your plan ready in just 48 hours. You will then get a draft plan to review only then will you be asked to pay for your full unwatermarked version. There really is no reason not to get started on your big venture right here, right now.

Why We Are Number One

The MyLeanPlan solution is a quick, concise and high-quality business plan the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. Our experienced team of UK based business plan writers will create your business plan in just 48 hours. That doesn’t mean we take shortcuts or rush things as each of our plans has incredible quality. When you order a MyLeanPlan we won’t even be asking for any money from you and you will get a full draft version to approve before we request any final payment.

Unbeatable Value

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What Our Plans Are Used For

Our plans are the perfect tool for new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the key reasons for investing in a quality business plan is to secure funding. Our plans have a fantastic record in helping new business owners gain the finance necessary to start their ventures.

We are confident that using our plans will give you the very best chance to obtain the money you need to get your business up and running, The graphics below show just how successful our plans are with Start Up Loans, Prince’s Trust and Small Business Bank Loans.

Start Up Loans

Prince’s Trust

Bank Loans

DON’T write your own plan

You might have thought about writing your own plan. If you want to save time, stress and in the end, money, just don’t do it. Quality business plans are difficult to write and a poorly written plan is as bad as no plan at all. The next time your car breaks down or your sink begins to leak are you going to ring a professional mechanic or plumber or are you going to try to fix things yourself? If you try to fix things yourself how long will that take and how costly if you get it wrong?

Why leave something as important as the future of your business to chance. If you place any value in your business idea you owe it the investment of a professionally written business plan.

Here Is What Customers Have to Say

“After winning a £99 MyLeanPlan I thought things were too good to be true, in fact, they were better! Amazing value for money!”

– Brian [Dropshipping Business Plan]

“I was directed to MyBizPlan from a friend who previously used them for a great business plan. My own plan was delivered to me within 48 hours! You won’t find anything else delivered so fast”

– Natasha [Personal Training Business Plan]

“I managed to win a £99 MyLeanPlan and was pleasantly surprised to find the MyBizPlan team were UK based and vastly experienced, nothing outsourced, just quality plans at great prices”

– Nina [Nail Salon Business Plan]

“You would think a plan delivered in 48 hours at this price would look rushed at poorly designed, this is not the case with MyBizPlan. An incredible business plan which they are practically giving away :)”

– Kamal [Car Washing Business Plan]

Some Things You Should Know

• How long is this offer valid?

You have 4 hours to claim your prize. This is a limited time offer.

• What happens next?

Your coupon will apply a full discount letting you place your order for FREE.

Once your order is confirmed we will send out our smart questionnaire to capture all necessary data. The completed questionnaire is then automatically sent back to us.

After 48 hours we will deliver a watermarked draft of your plan for you to look at.

We are sure you will be as pleased with the plan as we will be. For a small fee of £99, we will remove the watermarks and then you are free to use the plan as you like.

At no point are you under any obligation to pay for the full, unwatermarked version. It really is a totally risk-free way of having a plan created for you.

• What will my business plan contain?

The MyLeanPlan is circa 15+ pages in length and contains the following elements:

  • Business Overview
  • Our Offer
  • Our Competition
  • Management & Staff
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • SWOT
  • Funding
  • Profit & Loss
  • Cash Flow
  • Backup Plans
  • Financial Statements
• How long will it take to get my plan?

Your plan will be delivered within 48 hours of us receiving your business plan questionnaires. The questionnaires will be sent to you immediately after your order has been paced and take around 20 mins to complete.

• What if some of the information is wrong?

We a sophisticated process to capture your information from a smart and easy to complete questionnaire. Our team then uses this information to create a viable plan. With your permission we will use our expertise and knowledge to correct inaccurate or missing information where possible. Any subsquent changes or additonal information will be subject to a surplus charge at our own discrection.

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