If you think you are busy. That don’t impress me much


Picture this, you are meeting up with a friend for a spot of din dins and a couple of lemonades.  You greet each other, comment on how well each other look, briefly mention the weather then sit down with a drink.  ‘How you been?’ you ask, ‘yeah good, work has been really busy’ comes the reply.  Nodding your head, you agree that sounds awesome and then turn the menu over to decide on your evening grub.


Why? Why does being busy have anything to do with being good or successful?  There is this rather annoying illusion that success, particularly success at working, has a direct correlation to how many hours someone spends working, how much sleep they are overdue, how exhausted they are.  And how much of this busyness has any time spent on quiet reflection, thinking, personal development?  Not much I bet.


When I get asked the same ‘how’s things?’ question I prefer to answer with ‘yeah good, really productive’. But depending on the crowd and the situation I still find myself falling back on the same responses I’ve so previously derided in a perverse reflex of some kind.


When I first started out with my own business, I had a real struggle with knowing how much work every day was ‘enough’.  As a business owner there is always something else to be taken care of, so your day is never really finished.  So, in order to keep my sanity, and from working 24 hours a day, I kept simple things simple, setting daily task lists, making sure I added in equally important ‘non-work’ items such as gym, lunch break etc


Now, it took me a while to get used to it, but I slowly began to realise that being your own boss gives unique flexibility and potential for personal reward. For me that’s with a round golf course or cooking up a gourmet storm in the kitchen. It takes discipline but self-recognising that you have been fully productive on a given day, why force yourself to fill up a full 10 hours of busy work? By finishing work efficiently only do you get the satisfaction of completing your tasks but now you can bask in some well-earned personal time and get working on reducing your golf handicap.


With that all said I’m off to the driving range.

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